• Promoter: EOSE
  • EOSE role: Development & Management of the project, Network of partners management & supervision, Writing of the Final Report, Dissemination
  • Duration: 12 months (01/03/2010 to 28/02/2011)
  • Partnership: 16 partners from 11 EU countries
  • EU programme: 2009 Preparatory Action on Sport, 'Promoting European Fundamental Values by Encouraging Sport for Persons with Disabilities'
  • Scope: Disability Sport sector

 Perspectives of Sport for People with a Disability in Europe

The “ALL FOR SPORT FOR ALL: Perspectives of Sport for People with a Disability in Europe” project was a conjoint project led by the European Observatoire of Sport & Employment (EOSE) and the European Paralympic Committee (EPC).

The project aimed to assess, progress and highlight the future direction and perspectives of sport for people with a disability in Europe in the categories of policies, participation, work force, infrastructure and events while relying on a strong mix of key stakeholders of the sport sector such as Paralympic and Olympic Committees, Universities, European Networks and National Decision Makers.

The data collection (mapping) process comprised four phases:

  1. The project research team has undertaken an inventory of existing data both at the national and EU level.
  2. A mapping questionnaire / guided interview has been developed including an annex containing guidance and examples, and a glossary of key terms (both in English and French). The mapping questionnaire has been pre-tested in four countries and further adapted.
  3. Within the implementation phase – given the general lack of systematic statistics in the field – respondents were required to adopt multiple sources of information such as national statistics, official database and scientific directories information, etc. accompanied by guided interviews with national sector experts. Therefore, analysis provided at national level came from a secondary analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data.
  4. A process of data revision has followed pre-analysis, and then data has been interpreted for the four mapping sectors in order to develop the European guidelines. The recommendation development has been accompanied by a consultation process.

The All for Sport for All project had as a final objective to contribute to better access to a wide network of opportunities in sport for people with a disability by mapping the status quo as well as to provide an Action Plan for Future Challenges and a Strategic Working Group for Sport for Persons with a Disability in Europe.
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