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DC-SPORT – Dual Career for young athletes in Europe

  • Promoter: Bosön Sports College
  • EOSE role: Dissemination, Consultation with EOSE members on the concept of Dual Career and existing institutions at national level
  • Duration: 16 months (01/12/2009 to 31/03/2011)
  • Partnership: 9 partners from 9 European countries
  • EU programme: 2009 Preparatory Action on Sport, 'Promoting education and training in sport’
  • Scope: Education and Training in Sport

The aim of the project was to encourage and motivate cooperation in the sports field by developing suitable support and the tools needed by young athletes to enable them to have a dual career while focusing on:

  • Creating a functioning network and establish the best practices in sport training to increase possibilities for athletes to receive double career opportunities.
  • Finding better ways to provide “dual career” training for young sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Providing high quality local training centres to safeguard their educational and professional interests.

The project proposal included the following activities:

  • Research and studies intended for making methods and tools for sports organisations that facilitate the internal needs analysis and the exchange of best practices.
  • Conduct research on existing best practices and their context for young athletes.
  • Research on methods and courses of action that facilitate identification and classification of best practices will be conducted.
  • Needs analysis regarding the education and training for young athletes.
  • Mapping and segmentation of target groups, production of “key selling points” adapted to each segment, setting up of a dissemination activity plan production of promotional materials and activities according to the plan, evaluation of the effects of the dissemination,
  • Creation of a new European platform for sharing knowledge, dissemination and exploitation of good practice in education and sport
  • Meetings with partner organisations.
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