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VSPORT+ – A cross-sectoral Valorisation Framework for the Lifelong Learning Strategy in Sport

  • Promoter: EOSE
  • EOSE role: _
  • Duration: 29 months (01/11/2011 to 31/03/2014)
  • Partnership: 16 National Ambassadors
  • EU programme: Lifelong Learning Programme 2007/2013, KA4 Multilateral projects
  • Scope: Sport and Active Leisure sector

The VSPORT+ project will support activities focussed on affecting organisational changes to the Education and Training system within the Sport and Active Leisure sector. As the sector continues to grow it is apparent that are gaps between the worlds of education and employment. In order to address this disconnect the VSPORT+ project, through a series of awareness raising activities, will seek to transfer and implement the Lifelong Learning Strategy for the Sport and Active Leisure Sector. VSPORT+ is an ambitious project which has the potential to facilitate the changes the sector needs to become more organised and successful in taking its place as a sector of significance at the European Level.

The key aims of the VSPORT+ project are to:

  • Ensure a successful dissemination of the Lifelong Learning Strategy at the International, European, national, regional and local levels
  • Encourage and support the transfer and implementation of the Strategy at all levels
  • Stimulate changes within vocational education to ensure it is fit for purpose and aids employability and mobility.



There has been an anarchy regarding the qualifications and competencies for people working in the sport system in the country… This is the very first attempt to approach this issue through a sustainability perspective for developing the human resources in the sport industry in the country”.

Nicos Kartakoullis, Vice President for Development at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus


“The VSPORT+ project represented a key opportunity for the alignment of the Italian strategy in the field of training and education to the European Policy. The adoption of the 7 steps model represented, also, the first step toward the modernization of the Italian sport and active leisure sector.”

Simone Digennaro, Grant Researcher at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy


An important point of the Vsport+ project is to introduce the 7 Step Model to the society of Latvia with the purpose to develop a Cross Sectoral Valorisation Framework to raise awareness of the Lifelong Learning Strategy for the Sport & Active Leisure Sector. The main impact of the Project was to receive feedback from stakeholders (representatives from Ministries, Sports Federations & Associations, the Olympic Committee, educators – University teachers) thereby to know more about national specific character.

Juris Grants, Professor at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia


VSport+ project was a real opportunity to contact the French stakeholders and make them aware about the main European challenges. [...] Even if some stakeholders think first they are far from these issues, they all discovered different possibilities and ways used abroad with interest. So, beyond this project, materials and documents, the most important, in my opinion, was to gather, meet and exchange. It was big opportunity to move on”.

Jean Louis Gouju, Director of the CAFEMAS, France

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